I am a proud endorsee of the following amazing companies:-

Dixon Drums

I am truly amazed by the sound of these drums. The Maple/Bubinga drums gives you the perfect blend of two shells in one. The inner ply is Bubinga for the attack, while Maple is the warmth and tone.

I highly recommend trying these world class drums out. You'll be glad you did.

Aquarian Drumheads

A very diverse brand of drumheads. Aquarian offers heads to any drummer of any genre. I use the Force 10 Clear on toms, Triple Threat on Snare, Super Kick 10 on kick drum - amazing!!!

They are easy to tune and very warm in sound.

Gator Cases

I love the versatility of Gator. The company offers many different bags/cases at an affordable rate. Whether you are a keyboard player, drummer, guitarist, bass player, they have gear for all. My personal experience is that the bags are very durable. Every single case and bag I've acquired from Gator I still own. Indefinitely recommend them.

Sabian Cymbals

For years, I have embraced the versatile sound of Sabian cymbals. I can truly say this is a brand of cymbals that focuses on being consistent in product. Sabian also keeps up with the current world of drumming and is always creating rich tones to fit the need of every drummer in the world.

Whether u play AAX AA HH HHX or Artisan. You cannot go wrong. My name is Dre Energy, and I approve this message!




The unmatched sound of Kickport. I love the punch my kick drum delivers with the Kickport in the front head. All of my sound guys usually love the sound this produces. Very inexpensive. Check 'em out!

Vic Firth Sticks

I am not only an endorser but a real true fan of Vic Firth. Vic Firth represents a sophistication in drumsticks and mallets that puts them at the top of every brand. I play the SDC signature Danny Carey, and really could not see myself embracing any other stick or company. No matter what pair of sticks you pick up, you can find the same consistency in weight in all of them.

You can't ask for a better brand of sticks than this.

Roland V-Drums

I am new to the Roland family as an endorser but I have played their products for years. The Roland V Series is amazing for the working drummer onstage in front of thousands all the way to the beginner drummer who wants to learn drums without disturbing anyone with sound. Just plug up your headphones and you're ready to go. I also use the Roland SPD-X for my sound effects for the show. I truly believe Roland got it right when they invented this. It's amazing and user friendly.

I highly recommend any Roland products!


I have been an avid user of the MPC series for years. My very first MPC was a MPC 2000xl that I would use for drum loops at church. Now, I am using the MPC Renaissance and I must say this thing is INCREDIBLE. ALL of the MPC series samplers allows you to do your edits on computer now. I love Akai and will forever remain a serious user of the product.


Presonus has some of the best mixers that can do 2 jobs at once. I love the fact that you can record and do live sound with the mixers. Studio 1 is the BEST DAW in the world. You have endless options and/or plugins. It's quite easy to use, and I encourage any and everyone to check it out and use it.


Dre Energy!