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Dre Energy - Ask A ProOver the years I've been blessed to get some great advice from a bunch of amazing people. Well, this is my chance to give a little back in return - my Q&A section "Ask a Pro".

You get to ask me any burning questions you have about drums, performing, the music industry in general or anything else (well ok, within reason!). I'll try to answer as many as I can and sometimes I'll get my friends in the industry to throw in their thoughts too.

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Ok - ask away!

Hi Dre, good to b frndz wit u, i want to know if u can help me learn druming from de scratch n to b perfect like u in future.

Asked by: Karyn Nkwantabisa Dumber on Sunday, 29 June 2014.


I can give you the tools where you can look and start getting yourself in a position to become an awesome drummer. Thx for the compliments!

You have a large, complicated setup with Cirque du Soleil. How long does it take your drumtech to set it up?

Asked by: Chris on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

2 minutes! :-)

It is already set up as it never comes apart - the whole rig stays intact. 

It's bolted to the floor of the case: they throw a cover over it and off it goes. I'm playing on the inside of the case

How do you pick a good stick for playing versus practice?

Asked by: Michael FinallyHappy Harvey on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

well for me I use the same stick for all purposes. My Vic Firth SDC is the perfect stick for practice/playing. You don't have to work hard with this stick at all. So I highly recommend this stick

Where's the new site Dre?

Asked by: Andrew Wilson on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

HERE! :-)

Yo, I also haven't forgot about your music.

Cymbals. To clean or not to clean?

Asked by: Les Shockley on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

Hi Les


The dirt gives a grit that you need in order for the cymbal to have more age and great sustain. SO NO DO NOT CLEAN YOUR CYMBALS LOL

My question is...who is the great I am???!!!

Asked by: Fred Spencer on Friday, 27 June 2014.


The LORD GOD, strong and mighty!!!!

Are you the one who run the sequences? If so, how do you run a sequences in stereo in front and having the same stereo with click in you ear? Otherwise are you sending just left in front and right with click in your ears?

Asked by: Martin Allard on Sunday, 29 June 2014.

I don't run the sequences, my bandleader does, and along with the sequences we run a separate click (2 of them actually) that the band can choose from. A cow bell and hi hats. That come down 2 different lines to the monitor desk Total from ableton we have 13 outputs in use all the time with up to 7 more for backups as needed.

When you have to learn new songs (either for Cirque or other work) and no-one gives you the dots how do you learn them? Do you write charts or dot it out or what?

Asked by: Chris on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

I actually do both I actually practice it over and over. I take sections and play them over and over until I have them before moving on I write charts if it's too much for my memory but I usually rely on my memory to get it done!

What's a good practice routine for a drummer to build up wrist strength and speed?

Asked by: Michael FinallyHappy Harvey on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

Hey Michael,

The best thing for me in my years of building up speed was literally playing on pillows and thick carpet. You want to use something that gives you no "bounce back". It really seriously builds your wrist. I would also say when you feel the burn, keep pushing. Do not be afraid to blow out your wrists. That's the building process starting.

Andre Boyd. Do you keep your drumstix under your pillow at night? Ha! Just joshin. Way to keep it real for your peeps brother! Miss ya big dadday!

Asked by: Dean McGill on Saturday, 28 June 2014.

Hey Dean,


No, I DO NOT!!! Lol

My wife would say that I play drums in my sleep with the hand and feet movements(LOL).

Miss u too bro

The guy who drums on my show is awesome but I can't stop thinking about him. I may be in love what should I do?

Asked by: Craig Price on Friday, 27 June 2014.

Hey Craig

It's perfectly normal, I mean he is irresistible!!!

Craig!!!! Get off my posts LOLOLOL

Does the fact that you are a Sabian endorsee and don't have to pay for cymbals alter the way you play? When you had to buy your own gear were you gentler on your cymbals?

Asked by: Chris on Thursday, 26 June 2014.

Hey Chris,

Yes, it does have an effect on my playing but not in a way that you would think. I'm able to try cymbals that are good/geared to my style of playing

And figure out what works best with my style of playing

Was I gentler on cymbals?

No!!! I have always been really heavy on cymbals...endorsement or not lol


Dre Energy!